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2017 Rates

Green Mountain Water & Sanitation District (District) purchases water for District customers from the Denver Board of Water Commissioners (Denver Water) and delivers District sewage to Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (Metro Wastewater) for treatment. The cost of the water from Denver Water and the cost of sewage disposal and treatment with Metro Wastewater are passed through by the District to District customers. 

In addition, District customers are charged a Service Fee that contributes to the District’s fixed costs to operate and maintain the District infrastructure and facilities.  The District embarked on a program a few years ago of structuring District rates so that the majority of the District’s Fixed Costs are covered by the Service Fee.

This year, Denver Water has adopted a 3% increase in their overall budget for 2017 but they also have chosen to follow the path of restructuring their charges to include more of their Fixed Costs into the Fixed Charges they charge the District.  The good news is that the increase in Fixed Charges to the District will also be accompanied by a reduction in the cost of water charged by Denver Water of $0.05 per 1,000 gallons. 

The result of this change by Denver Water does require an increase in the District Service Fee of $0.75 per month, however, the reduction in the Water Rates of $0.05 per 1,000 gallons will be passed on to District customers across all the tiered water rates. 

Additionally, charges to the District from Metro Wastewater this year have increased by more than 5%. However, the Districts sewer rates for 2017 will remain the same as 2016.

The new rates apply to usage starting April 1, 2017.

Single Family
0-16,000 gallons $4.54/1000 gallons
17-50,000 gallons $5.09/1000 gallons
51,000+ gallons $5.74/1000 gallons
0-8,000 gallons $4.54/1000 gallons
9-25,000 gallons $5.09/1000 gallons
26,000+ gallons $5.74/1000 gallons

Commercial - All usage $5.09
Denver Federal Center - All usage $5.42

Residential Customers - $3.10/1,000 gallons *
Commercial & MultiFamily - $3.45/1,000 gallons*
*Tamarisk Sub-Division Customers - $9.50 additional lift station surcharge per billing cycle. 
Denver Federal Center - $3.45/1,000 gallons 
Fossil Ridge - $3.88/1,000 gallons

Service Fee
Residential - $29.50 per billing 
Multi-Family - $14.75 per unit/per billing 
Commercial - $14.75 SFRE/per billing (SFRE based on meter size) 
Fossil Ridge - $19.92 per billing

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