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Water Quality

Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District is dedicated to delivering high-quality water to all of our customers. As a part of Denver Water’s integrated system, Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District receives all its water from Denver Water, and follow all of the water quality standards set forth by Denver Water and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
While Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District does not perform treatment of the water ourselves (this is done by Denver Water instead), both Denver Water and Green Mountain Water perform weekly testing across the district to ensure chlorine and temperature levels are always up to standard.
Information on the treatment and testing processes Denver Water uses to maintain its water quality can be found in their annual Water Quality Report. The following is a link to that report.
For more information about Water Quality Click Here to visit Denver Water's website.

Assessment of the possibility of lead contamination

In light of the increased national awareness and concerns regarding lead contamination in the water supply the Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District (the “District”) is undertaking an assessment of the exposure of lead contamination in the District’s water supply.

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